Meccanica dei polimeri, compositi e nanocompositi

Meccanica dei polimeri, compositi e nanocompositi

Time, temperature, and strain effects on viscoelastic Poisson's ratio of epoxy resins

Stefano Pandini, Alessandro Pegoretti

Polymer Engineering & Science, 2008

(comportamento viscoelastico)

The role of CNTs in promoting hybrid filler networking and synergism with carbon black in the mechanical behavior of filled polyisoprene

M Galimberti, M Coombs, P Riccio, T Riccò, S Passera, S Pandini, Lucia Conzatti, Andrea Ravasio, Incoronata Tritto

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 298 (2), 241-251

(comportamento dinamico e termico)

Application of the load separation criterion in J-testing of ductile polymers: A round-robin testing exercise

S Agnelli, F Baldi, BRK Blackman, L Castellani, PM Frontini, L Laiarinandrasana, A Pegoretti, M Rink, A Salazar, HA Visser

Polymer Testing 44, 72-81 (2015)

(sviluppo di nuove metodologie di prova)

On the measurement of the fracture resistance of polyacrylamide hydrogels by wire cutting tests

F Baldi, F Bignotti, I Peroni, S Agnelli, T Riccò

Polymer Testing 31 (3), 455-465 (2012)

(meccanica della frattura)

On the applicability of the load separation criterion in determining the fracture resistance (JIc) of ductile polymers at low and high loading rates

(meccanica della frattura)

Network architecture and shape memory behavior of cold-worked epoxies

S Pandini, F Bignotti, F Baldi, S Passera

Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 2013

(meccanismi deformazionali di materiali modello/industriali)

F Baldi, S Agnelli, T Riccò

International journal of fracture 165 (1), 105-119 (2010)

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